We include a list of some of the special projects which we were involved in
over the last couple of years and
some are on-going projects. Our export
clients mostly need us to identify their product needs, procure the stock for them and then manage the export logistics to them.
The local clients are mostly non-medical companies who require us to
advise on product selection and procure the stock on their behalf.



 DRC:     1) Start procurement of the majority of the medical products for                     MMG Kinsevere in 2015:
                   First aid kits, AED's, Drug and Alcohol testing equipment,
                   Clinic consumables, Medical stationery and 
                   these projects are still on going.


              [A] Malaria and water testing, Specialized first aid kits,
                    Supply of medical equipment and devices, Annual site visit
                    for equipment maintenance.
                   Supply of emergency medical products, Occupational health                       care, Medical training equipment and ambulance content.

              [B] Support and supply of new labratory setup and all content.

[C] Introduce new Sani-99* disinfectant to mine for high level                         sanitation and disinfecting DURING and AFTER COVID.
                      * See product page for more product information.

               2)  Clinic consumables, equipment and furniture to
Tenke mining.

Medical, Rescue, Health & Safety Training done by                             ATA International Holdings
                                Providing accredited courses including; Medical (BLS, ACLS,                                         ITLS and PALS). Emergency Rescue (rope rescue, confined
                       space, HAZMAT and vehicle extrication) and a H&S Officer                                           training program (risk assessment, incident investigation,                                           induction, management systems,
first aid, firefighting
                       and evacuation planning).
Offering clients on-site
                       training anywhere in Africa, ensuring compliance
                       and competency across the medical, rescue and
                       H&S teams.


 Burkina Faso1) Assist Societe Miniere Gryphon SA to procure all the clinic 
e, equipment and consumables they need to open
       the clinic in 2017. The relationship is ongoing after the mine                  in Ouaga had a name change to Waghnion gold operations
since then integraded to Endeavour Mining corperation. 

Advise and supply the mine clinic on the drug testing
        protocol on site in compliance with the Australian


   3)  Send a technician to site on an annual basis to do 
        maintenance, repairs and calibration on the clinic equipment
   4)  Intiate a local agent relationship with UNIVERS BIO-MEDICAL
in Ouagadougou through which we supply the locl clients
         with various medical products.


 Guinea:           1)  We supply all the furniture, equipment, EMS and monthly

             consumables for the new clinic that Guinea Alumina
 (GAC) opened in Conakry in September 2014.


                   (A) Primary precurement of all medical equipment, Consumables,
Devices and Furniture.


                          (B) Alcohol and drug testing, Malaria and water testing,                                                    Specialized first aid kits, Supply of medical equipment and
                                devices, Annual site visit for equipment maintanance,
                                Supply of emergency medical products, Occupational health
                                care, Medical training equipment and  Ambulance Content.

                          2)  Render full assistance to Guinea Alumina Corporation
 during COVID in the supply of Ventilators, COVID tests,
                                Defibrillators and Logistical planning.                     

                          3)  Clinic Consumables, health and safety equipment to

 Ivory Coast:     1) We supply all the clinic consumables and equipment for the

                              mine clinic owned by Bonikro Mine, Australia.

                           2) We procured all the supplies they needed for an Ebola

                               project e.g. safety clothing, thermometer guns, linen,

                               spraying equipment and waste management systems.

 Madagascar - International SOS [ISOS]: 
 1) Insecticide procurement for ISOS together with
                            equipment  needed to do the spray project,
                            e.g. Tabard, ICON 10CS, Nimbus, Vectobac G and


 Mozambique:     1) All medical products to Mozal mining incl.
                               Malaria survival kits.

                            2) Malaria test and related consumables to Aga Khan 


 Senegal:            1) We supply all the furniture, equipment and monthly

                               consumables for the mine clinic that are owned by

                               Teranga gold and then incorporated into Endeavour
                               mining group.

                            2) We do the annual malaria spray project at Teranga gold

                                 in conjunction with a professional spraying team.

 Sierra Leone:     1) We procured all the supplies for Nimini mine for their

                               Ebola project in August 2014.


 Tanzania:          1) Microbiology and biochemistry laboratory products to 
                               Bagamoyo research institute.

      2) Start-up of Emergency medical department at Muhimbili 
          hospital through the Abbott
fund. We supply the
          majority of the clinic furniture, equipment and
          laboratory supplies.


 Zambia:             1) First Quantim Minerals South Africa (Pty)Ltd. We
                               first started the supply chain link with them in 2021 for
                              their Zambia based facility. Initual products includes
                              insecticide based solutions and Hudson spraying
                              Further supply of the complete set up of an Entomology                                  facility in Zambia.






 Travel Doctor:     1) We have a procurement contract with Worldwide Travel
                             Medical Consultants (name changed to iNHEMACO) to
                                 supply all clinic related consumables,
equipment and


 NDF:                   1) Design and manufacture of military deployment pouch
                               to UN for the National Defence Force.

                            2) Portable waste incinerator for remote medical operations.


 RMAA:                 1) First aid kits for some of the FORD vehicles.

        2) Advise, plan and procure stock for Ford converted mini 
                      ambulances. This is an on-going project.





 ROVOS RAIL: Our first customer since March 2001 and still
                      pumping steam!

                     1) Supply of first aid equipment, training and supply of  
                         medical  stock. Support with Drug testing at the workplace
                         and supply of all Health and Safety required products.



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