3)    Laboratory
-           Clinical laboratory equipment
o   Biochemistry analyser - Mindray, Cyan & other
o   Blood gas analyser
o   Coagulation analyser
o   Electrolyte analyser
o   Haematology analyser - Mindray, Cyan & other
o   Urine analyser
-          Consumables and glassware
o   Applicator sticks
o   Bags for specimen transport Globe Scientific
o   Beakers - Globe Scientific
o   Bottles
o   Brushes for glassware and tubes
o   Containers e.g. urine, stool, sputum, ointment Globe Scientific and local manufacturer
o   Cuvettes Globe Scientific
o   Filter paper
o   Flasks
o   Funnels Globe scientific
o   Pipettes e.g. adjustable or fixed volume, multi-channel, repeater pipettes, micro pipettes, tips, manual or automatic, Pasteur, graduate, transfer Globe scientific
o   Racks e.g. plastic, SS and drying racks Globe scientific
o   Swabs
o   Tubes e.g. centrifuge, micro tubes, cryo, conical, self-standing, capillary and culture Globe Scientific and local manufacturer
o   Tubes e.g. blood collection vacutainers

-          Equipment
o   Alcohol breathalysers
o   Autoclaves Labotec and other brands
o   Bactericidal lamp
o   Balances
o   Blood tube rocker
o   Bunsen burner
o   Centrifuges Various options
o   Electrophoresis
o   Glucose monitoring
o   Incubators Various options
o   Magnetic stirrer
o   pH meters
o   Vortex mixer
o   Water bath
o   Water and environmental equipment Hanna & Hach instruments

-          Haematology
o   Haemoglobin testing Hemocue and other options
o   Differential counters
o   Anti-sera

-          Microbiology
o   Diagnostic microbiology e.g. agar, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, inoculation loops, petri dishes, swabs, stains
o   Microscopes and related consumables    Olympus and Nikon
o   Dengue/Occult blood
o   Urine analysis dipsticks SG3 SG10
o   Water purification systems Hanna instruments

-          Rapid tests general
o   Cardiac markers
o   Drug tests
o   Dipsticks and devices: Bilharzia, Hach DPD, MUG,
o   Latex: ASO, RF, RA, Staph aureus, Widal and many others
o   Pregnancy tests
o   Tumour markers: AFP/CEA/PSA

-        Rapid tests: Communicable diseases: Adenovirus, Chagas, Chlamydia, Cholera, CMV, Cryptococcus, Dengue, Filiriasis, Giardia, Gonorrhoea, HAV, HBsAg, HCV, HEV, HIV, H.Pylori, Influenza, Legionella, Leishmania, Leptospira, Malaria, Proteus, Rotavirus, RPR, Rubella, Salmonella, Syphilis, Strep A, Toxo, Typhoid, VDRL, TB

-        Solutions and chemicals


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